Bernd Moosmann GmbH – Waiblingen Germany

Since over 30 years, the Bernd Moosmann GmbH is a tradition-conscious manufacturer of woodwinds that at the same time incorporates modern technology into their high-quality instruments.

“In my traditional workhop I work with my family and highly skilled employees to fit artists from well-known orchestras all over the world with the best instruments. We are very proud of the fact that our bassoons are played on all 5 continents – in over 60 different countries of the world.

Bernd Moosmann GmbH - Manufaktur Waiblingen

Bernd Moosmann GmbH – Waiblingen

In addition to the technical quality based on our craftmanship and high-end materials, the use of innovative proprietary developments makes our instruments particularly distinguished.”
Yours, Bernd Moosmann